This is an “About Us” page, but mostly it’s about me. At the moment I am the only contributor so I’ll tell a short story about myself. I grew up drinking beer from a very young age in a very rural part of the world. We were in a logging community and everyone was a lumber jack or in the construction business, and with those occupations comes heavy drinking (at least in my neck of the woods). I heard about blogging a few years back but feared this computer thing I’m punching buttons on and figured I would share my stories bellied up at the bar like my old man. Well, times change. With a beer in hand, crazy stories to share, and a love for alcoholic beverages I bring you the Camra Beer Club! Here I will talk beer, BS, and shenanigans. I hope you enjoy my stories of belligerence  that I’m choosing to share with you, and hope to swig a pint with my readers some day. Until then, cheers to the beers and everyone that brews and consumes them!