BA Names Glitter Beer ‘Official’ Competition Beer Style

BOULDER, Colorado — April 1, 2019 — Today, April 1, 2019, the Brewers Association (BA), the not-for-profit trade group dedicated to promoting and protecting America’s small and independent craft brewers, released an amendment to its Beer Style Guidelines for 2019 creating a new category for 2018’s trendy “it” beer, Glitter Beer.

Reviewed and revised annually by the BA, the BA’s Beer Style Guidelines serve as a model resource for brewers, beer judges and competition organizers, and celebrate the great diversity of beer around the world. The emergency change comes outside of the typical timeline for style guide revisions due to the realization of neglect to recognize the trendy beer style.

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“Typically, our technical team would take more time to adopt a new style to our official competition guidelines,” says BA spokesperson, Lisa Frank. “But when dozens of breweries started brewing glitter beers, and consumers couldn’t get enough, it was apparent to us that it was time to add some sparkle to our beer style guidelines.”

Future BA beer competitions, including the Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup, will accept and award gold, silver and bronze medals for Glitter Beer.Glitter Beer Style

Style guidelines help guide judges during competitions. Here’s what the guidelines look like for glitter beer:

Quantitative Style Statistics

  • Original Gravity: 1.111 — 1.053
  • Final Gravity: 1.021 — 0.900
  • ABV: 13%
  • IBU: 11-22
  • SRM: 6-12
  • Volumes of CO2: 4.98
  • Apparent Attenuation: 81%

Pairing Suggestions

  • Peeps
  • Nicholas Sparks Novels
  • Mariah Carey’s “Glitter” Soundtrack
  • Construction paper and glue

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