Beer Raffle For My Daughters Prom Dress

Beer Raffle For High School Prom Dress

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prom dress being raffledTo all my beer drinking associates that frequent my blog and subscribe to my random newsletters, I have a new one here for you that the dads of the world will appreciate. This is my daughters senior year and in addition to getting her a car, iPhone X, paying for the best club softball in San Diego, and giving her a monthly allowance, she has now presented me with a dramatic perspective of her senior prom. Basically, if I don’t make this the most epic dance ever I’m a failure, which I already am, she’s just too young to pick up on that yet (haha). Anyway, this agenda she has mapped out consists of a party bus, hotel rental, sexy prom dress, new shoes, music playlist, and (the nerve of this girl) beer! Yes, she has actually asked that I supply her and her underage friends with beer to drink at the hotel. Well, the answer was clearly no, and really it was no to most of the requests, but mostly for financial reasons. Not wanting to rain on her parade, and not wanting to be the worst dad in the world and ruin prom night for her, I had the idea that I would reach out to my beer guzzling community for a raffle night at the best brewery in San Diego. We could put together a night on the town with micro-brew enthusiasts and raffle off random prizes while we guzzle pints. So while she won’t be drinking on prom night, I don’t see why we can’t be drinking in support of prom night. Prom dresses are expensive, and I’m not sure why any dad would buy his daughter a sexy prom dress, but if that’s what she asks for, then that’s what she gets, and it’s just part of being a parent. I’ll do the same thing for my son if he asks for a sexy prom suit, these are just duties as a parent that you need to prepare for.