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Mirror Pond Pale Ale And The Deschutes Brews

mirror pond beerI have family in Bend, Oregon, and when I make the trip to Oregon we hit the pubs and the ocean. If you have never been to Seaside, Oregon you gotta make the trip. The coast lines in the Northwest are very different than they are in California. The water is different, the sand, and the dune like landscape makes these beaches awesome for walking are riding along. We usually hit the pub, then the store for a 6 pack, then walk he beach until we find some cool little spot to chill and have a few. In the evenings these beaches are awesome for camp fires, the winds are heavy off the coast, it’s cool, and the overall ambiance is peaceful. Add to the fact that Oregon has legalized the herb for recreational use, it’s no wonder that this place tops my list for vacation destinations. But enough about me and my desire to abuse substances, let’s talk about a brew out of Oregon that I just love. Deschutes Brewery has a solid line of beers, and they are all solid brews! But before I had any of their other beers, I was hooked on the Mirror Pond Pale Ale. I could grab a 12 pack and finish it before I broke the seal (could be argued), I’m a thing of legends in my own mind and have always appreciated this pale ale. While I love all their brews, I’m going to share with you some info I grabbed right from the source. Check this out and enjoy!

“Did you know that Mirror Pond Pale Ale is named after the slower moving section of the Deschutes River that flows through our hometown of Bend, Oregon? Well, now you do and we want to transport you there with this virtual reality experience. Explore this 360 degree film to see why we named our refreshing pale ale after this important landmark located just a few blocks from our original brew pub. Cheers!”

Since 1988, this refreshingly uncomplicated ale has inspired the simple moments that become extraordinary when shared. Crisp and clean with subtle hints of caramel, Mirror Pond is a delicious everyday ale whose straightforward single-hop character and smooth maltiness combine to deliver a timeless pale ale that’s best served in the moment and paired with a few good friends.


Join us for a virtual tour (above) of Mirror Pond and discover why we named our award-winning pale ale after this gentle flowing section of the Deschutes River that flows through the heart of our hometown.

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