Favorite Brew Alcohol Content

Living here in Arizona during this Covid apocalypse, battling city shutdowns and who is or isn’t an essential employee has been a frustrating situation for all. Well of course we all know frustration leads to thirst. So, I got together at a bar with some essential coworkers after work during this Corona pandemic. Yes, we were socially drinking while distancing, or is it the other way around? Anyway, since we hadn’t all gotten together in a while, we had to get our digs in at each other. This banter led to the never-gets-old question, “Who ordered the water, I mean Coors Light?”. Which led to the, “My beer is stronger than your beer” argument. Me with my curious mind, fired up the Google Machine and did some digging at the bar table. I had to end the age-old debate right there and then while our brews were still cold, and the jokes were still hot. Here is a quick list of the alcohol content I found in a few of our favorite frosty beverages:

  • Budweiser                          5%
  • Bud Light                             4.2%
  • Coors                                    5%
  • Coors Light                          4.2%
  • Miller High life                   5.5%
  • MGD                                     5%
  • Miller Lite                            4.2%
  • Michelob                             5%
  • Michelob Ultra                  4.2%
  • Amber Bock                        5.6%
  • Dos Equis Lager                 4.2%
  • Dos Equis Amber              4.6%
  • Sol                                          4.5%
  • Heineken                            5.4%
  • Heineken Light                  3.5%
  • Killian’s Red                        4.9%
  • San Tan’s Kilt Lifter          6%
  • Corona Extra                      4.6%
  • Corona Light                       4.5%
  • Blue Moon                          5.4%
  • Foster’s Lager                    5.1%
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon            4.8%

There you have it. So, all you Mich Ultra drinkers can look the shit talking Dos Equis drinkers in the face and be proud that you’re saving carbs and catching that same buzz. I kept it somewhat Arizona based preferences and left out IPA’s and malt liquor for the next post. I also will be doing a Tequila tasting post later, which will be my favorite one so far.

Now with that said, I’m going to go buy a 12-pack of Amber Bock, and bottle of Corralejo Tequila and socially drink at home. Salud!