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Flagstaff Brewery And My New Favorite IPA


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I love visiting Flagstaff, it’s reminds me of being back in college when I roam those streets bar hopping on a weekend. The vibe is pretty chill, and the food and beverage scene is legit. Flagstaff is one of those Arizona cities that has seasons throughout the year. Spending anytime there in the winter is cool, and the weather is cool to go along with the scene. I am a huge fan of local breweries and finding ones that offer truly unique variations of a beer is something I welcome with open arms… and an open gullet!

The first time I tried the Tower Station IPA from Mother Road Brewery I had already been drinking all night. Usually I don’t start with light beers and then switch to IPA’s, instead, I start with IPA’s and switch to light beers. Finishing my night with an IPA didn’t sound very appealing, I was looking to finish the marathon of an evening I had and this happened to be the only beer left in the fridge. When you purchase a pack of these IPA’s, they come in a 4 pack of cans and the entire top opens. This was nice, the aroma that wafted out of that wide mouth opening was very pleasant, my first sipped impressed me. That can wen’t down pretty quick, and so did the other three. When I woke in the morning I began to wonder if that wonderful experience was the result of me drinking all day, possibly from drinking flavorless light beer first, possibly because I had taken a rip off a joint being passed around and my taste buds were primed for some flavor, it could have been anything other than an amazing IPA. So, I did what anyone would do and made the trip back out to the store the next day to grab another four pack. This is where things got annoying. Apparently the brewery was in the middle of a move, or some sort of transition and there was a shortage of the IPA. I had purchased the 4 pack from a local Trader Joes and they were out of stock. I drove to a Sprouts best IPA Farmers Market and didn’t have any luck there either. Next, I made it over to a BevMo that had a few 4 packs in stock. I bought all 3 of them and made it home with a grin and a thirst like never before. I threw a wet stein in the fridge and let it freeze up, I wanted this to be the ultimate experience, it did not disappoint.

This IPA is currently one of my top buys, I can’t say enough good things about what the good folks at Mother Road are brewing up there in Flagstaff. They have other beers, but honestly I have never ventured into those other realms. I have been satisfied with the IPA for now, and until I see another beer type on the shelf I will be content sipping these bad boys. The only negative is the price. It’s $10 bucks for a 4 pack of beer. I’ll pay it though, every time. I can’t say the same for their other beers but will let you know as soon as I have tried them. You might be able to find this beer in your local BevMo, just email Mother Road or call them and ask if the Tower Station IPA is being sold in your area. It’s will be worth the effort to find out.

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