Pub Crawl For Leukemia

Organizing Pub Crawl To Raise Awareness For Leukemia

leukemia pub crawl

Hey guys and gals! I am thinking about putting together the ultimate pub crawl to raise awareness for Leukemia. I’m not sure where or how at the moment but I definitely wanted to get this out into the universe and get some feedback. I have a buddy whose nephew has Leukemia and it’s a pretty sad story. The kid is going to live, so that is the most positive thing to tell about this story, but this kids quality of life over the past few years were far from what a child’s life should be. Think back on your youth and try to remember on the fun you had playing sports, playing outside during the summertime, hooking up with the neighbor girl, sneaking out at night, getting drunk for the first time, the list really goes on and I would love to write it but I’m gonna stop there. This kid has not experienced any of that and is about to turn 15. He looks like an unhealthy young man, skinny, pale, and honestly he just doesn’t have the energy that a 15 year old kid should have. Stepping back and trying to understand what he has gone through really makes me want to drink more than I already do. It’s just a sad situation all around and I want to do something in his name. I want to put together a pub crawl, maybe even shave our heads to create awareness. I don’t know, and I don’t know if this should be a fund raiser or if we should try to get people more involved than just dropping a $20 on something they feel bad about. The ultimate goal would be to get these people involved with donating bone marrow and stem cells. Much harder to convince someone of that then it is to convince them to cough up a $20 in the name of life. I was thinking we could make business cards or flyers to pass out at the pubs with information about the steps necessary to register with a bone marrow match registry so that they can make a difference in the lives of people with Leukemia. I need feedback though from our beer drinking community, this would be the first time I have put together a pub crawl in the name of something good. I think a themed crawl would be appropriate, maybe even wearing hospital gowns. I would like when we are out that we get maximum attention from our fellow pub drinkers and I think this will spark up conversations that might otherwise not happen if we stroll in casually. I haven’t had the chance to setup comments on the site yet, so if you are here from the email I sent out just reply to that for now with ideas and we can go from there. I’m also in the process of creating a private Facebook group for us so we can have a universal platform to talk about beer and share brewing tips and exchange that information. Any feedback is appreciated, I am thinking about doing it on October also. Might make sense to do it the weekend of Halloween, so if we do all wear hospital patient costumes it will double as a halloween costume. Then again, it might not have the same impact as it would on a day where nobody else is dressing up. So we need to lock down a date, create flyers, commit to a location for the crawl, decide if we walk, ride bikes, or Lyft it. This is going to be for an amazing cause, so invite friends and encourage them to get on the mailing list so we can build this community faster. Thanks guys/gals. See you soon!