Don’t Get A DUI This Holiday Season

Get drunk, don’t drive!

Hey guys, it’s the holiday season, and that means there is a lot of cool festive partying going on everywhere: work parties, school parties, and parties friends and family. I love when September hits and football season kicks off, it’s just the first sign of a good time that lasts about five straight months! In September the weather begins to cool, football is on, and it’s a great time to drink beer and BBQ.

October comes rolling in and leaves start falling, Octoberfest is within arms reach, and the festivities of Halloween come knocking on the door.

After that, we roll into November, ready to eat and drink like Kings and Queens, and I do just that! Once that gets digested, it’s on to December where Holiday parties are frequent, drinking is excessive, and tons of money gets spent on gifts that you really don’t want to buy.

Then, a few days after the Christmas hang-over, you get clobbered in the head with an empty 40 bottle of Mickeys by New Year’s Eve! Now that is a heavy-duty timeline of festivity! If you drink, as most of us do, there is a chance that during that stretch of the year, you might be getting behind the wheel of a car after throwing a few back.

I’m not going to sit here and preach, I’ve been there, and done that. I’m lucky, I have been lucky, and continue to be lucky! We all know the dangers of getting behind the wheel after killing a 12 pack of your favorite Arizona IPA. Not only is there the possibility of wrecking, dying, and killing others, if you get a DUI, you are EFF YOU SEE KAYED. Are you picking up what I’m putting down? So let’s think for a moment just how cheap and safe this could be.

Call a Lyft or Uber Driver

Look, you don’t even need to “call a Lyft” you can poke the screen of your phone and have a sober driver at the curb in minutes. Also, if the ride cost you twenty bucks, and you had to ask a friend to give you a ride back in the morning, the alternative is much more costly. Crashing and killing someone could land you in prison, and destroy your life, definitely not worth it. Even if death was avoided, getting pulled over and arrested for a DUI is a process that you do not want to be part of. Call a Lyft, call, and Uber, call a buddy, just don’t get behind the wheel this holiday season people! I have a buddy in Fort Bend, Texas that had to call a criminal lawyer to defend him for a drunk driving collision he was in, and lawyers are not cheap! A DUI these days could cost you well over 20k. Again, not worth the money.

Winter Beers, Tears of Joy

Ok, I had to get that off my chest. My wife lost her brother to a drunk driver during this time of year, and as much as I blog about drinking and getting annihilated, I felt it was appropriate to give him an indirect shout out. Losing someone close to you sucks, and when you have to watch your wife and her family go through that loss, it’s something that sticks with you forever.

The Winterhook Ale

Back to my winter beers and tears of joy! Why the title? Well, winter beers bring me tears of joy when they are released, and some of my favorite winter brews come from Red Hook Brewery. They have been crafting heavy water ales that sit well in my gut. They have bold flavors, are fulfilling, and can be nursed at room temp. Usually, my beers need to be ice cold, but there are times when a room temp beer during the winter months is appropriate. The Winterhook Ale is one of those beers I can twist the top off of and enjoy at room temp, outdoors.

The Jubelale

Deschutes Brewery has crafted a damn good winter ale. The Jubelale is a festive winter ale that is sure to warm the blood and please the palette. It’s another winter ale brewed with seasonal spices and a creamy head, perfect for sipping with snacks, but might be too much to pair with a heavy winter dinner. It’s another beer that brings tears to my eyes during the holiday season, and I don’t cry much! The story of Jesus, the story about the sisters from Frozen, and winter ales all cause me to tear up a little but don’t judge me based on that. Seriously though, have you seen Frozen 2? It’s a real tear-jerker!

Stay Safe This Holiday Season

Sorry fellas… and any ladies that are reading this, I know this post wasn’t full of actionable information that inspired you to race to your local Trader Joes and snag a bottle of winter ale (actually Trader Joes has a decent winter ale), but I just wanted to post something about drinking and driving, staying safe, and not dying this holiday season. I hope you drink a lot, laugh, hug, stumble, fall, get hurt, and puke, just don’t get behind the wheel of a car when you’re drinking or doing drugs, it’s just not worth it! Stay safe and have a happy holiday season!